If ... Gor were like the novels... If everyone didn't feel the need to buy their own sim and be an Ubar/Tatrix/Ubara...If we could go to a city and actually see people instead of deserted streets...If panthers actually feared men and kept to the woods...If slaves were allowed to be pure sexual beings...If men could use a slut without fear of backlash by their companion...If there was no need for the word invalid...If the leaders of Gor could actually agree on something...If the women would drop their weapons and be women and let the men be men..If people actually read the books rather than a few notecards...Wouldn't it be great?









============== ARE YOU..???. ============








                               In SL to RolePlay?









Tired of the numerous OOC events?


Tired of the never ending chatter in the groups chat that mixes both IC with OOC and takes away RP from the sim?


Gorean and try to play as close to the books as possible -aka BTB?


Tired of panthergirls showing up hundreds of pasangs to far south, or the talunas wandering to far north?


Tired of the constant whining and the all familiar cry echoing INVALID!!?


Tired of people not taking the consequences of their own RP?


Tired of people who mix IC with OOC and dont know the basic rules to RP?


Tired of people not playing it realistic and have their pockets full of gold coins that never run out?


Tired or ridiculous limits that don't belong in Gor?


Tired of slaves being overpriced and valued?


Tired of slaves being UNDERpriced and considered generally worthless?


Tired of people who break every sane limit because they simply do not KNOW Gor?


Tired of the people that don't bother reading any of the books and still claims to know all cause they read it on a NC? aka "BTNs" - By The Notecard?


Tired of the so called BTB sims that are only one click from being a pew pew sim aka "gate sims" that spend all rp around the city gate leaving the rest of the sim empty. Where the RP might be excellent and BTB but limited to serving for slaves and eating, drinking and gossiping for the free as they all sit and wait for one thing alone-RAIDS?


Tired of people who draw their weapons and down you with meter damage to compensate for their lacking in RP and articulating skills?


Tired of people who always kill other players even tho Goreans valued life and that we over and over in the books read about how the warrior spares the life of his opponent even tho he has both the right and opportunity to kill him?





                                                                                                      ARE YOU???








                                                                                                    SO ARE WE!!!!!







                                                                                WELCOME TO THE CITY OF JASMINE





"West of Ar's Station on the river I had visited Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, Jasmine, Siba, Sais, and Sulport. I had stopped also at Hammerfest and Ragnar's Hamlet, the latter actually, now, a good-sized town. Its growth might be contrasted with that of Tetrapoli, much further west on the river."

"Rogue of Gor" page 62/3




Jasmine is a BTB sim

Do NOT compare us to other BTB sims, shops or players.

Compare us to the books.

Saying you are BTB, does not make you BTB.


This is a GOREAN RP sim

There is NO OOC allowed on sim

The moment you ENTER the docks, you are IC!!

The ONLY exception is if you take a tour 

WITH a guide in IMs